Bring 3 or 4 outfits of your choice

Variety is the spice of life, so dig deep into those wardrobes
of yours and bring whatever makes you feel Fabulous!

Suggestions for the ladies


Formal, summer, evening or clubbing what ever style, dresses look great, shoes and jewelry to match style of outfit

Dinner wear
Smart tops, blouses, jackets, skirts, slacks or nice jeans



Chill out in some casual wear, jeans, jean shorts, cargo pants, tops, swimmer tops, skirts, shirt, country look with jeans, boots cow girl hat
Winter wear
Get cuddly with some winter wear, jumpers, jackets, scarfs, long pants or long skirts, tights and boots

Lingerie Sexy 

Get brave ladies and bring along your favourites, a set, your favourite bra, baby doll or corset.night wear, nighties, pj's, robes, sexy maid outfit, fishnet stockings, high heels, suspenders belt, wings. Even a tasteful shirtless with jeans, underwear, shorts or skirt.
Swim wear
Two piece, one piece, bordies, sarong, grass skirt, shell necklace, frangipani hair clip, thongs. Sexy, fashion fun or casual looks can all be done with swim wear

Sports Gear

Gym, running, martial arts,cycling, basketball, whatever your sport bring the outfit and the ball,bat
or equipment used. Water bottle, gloves, weight belt, dumbbell medicine ball, ear phones and iPod/phone. 
Or wear your favourite teams Jersey, hat or scarf.

Your or Partners Work outfit
Your work outfit or surprise your partner with wearing his. So much fun to sneak his uniform out of the house and use it in the shoot. Wear his work shirt over lingerie with one of his ties or pop on his uniform or overalls, maybe he is in construction so bring his hard hat or a fire man. Pop a little spice in your relationship.

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

Although not all shots are full length we love shoes, high heels, wedges, sandals, thongs, boots, sneakers. Your photographer can get awesome full lengths it may be standing sitting or lying down, your favourite shoes will complete the look for you
Accessories and props
Bring them along so jewelry, hats, scarfs, flowers in the hair, fans, parasols, teddy bears, musical instruments, jackets, feathers, sports equipment, masks, fascinators, anything that suits your outfits get creative ladies.
Themed outfit
Your choice it may be fancy dress or themed with you favourite sport, musical instrument or just be something you love like a dance outfit, motor cross gear or a traditional outfit. Have fun with this one ladies bring along any props or jewelry to complete your look.

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