"Amanda made the experience very comfortable & fun. Very happy with the end product Can definitely recommend"

Donna Harvey

Helping you grow your business into an empire!

Thankyou for the wonderful experience and for making me feel so beautiful and special

Rebecca C

Why Personal Brand



* Connect and engage with your clients

* Let your clients first impression of you be your best impression

* Help build trust and credibility

* Show case your unique genuine personality

* Let your clients get to know you

* Stand out and set yourself apart from the rest


*  Capture the spirit of your business


*  Expand your business reach 

*  Personal brand photography will leave you feeling empowered

* Have a great choice of images to use on socials and/or website

It is so much more than a headshot!!

Be your brand!

Your Personal Branding Session 

Putting your brave boots on, we will guide you every step of the way

Pick a Location,




Coffee shop,

City buildings,

Park or garden,

The options are endless 

Hair Styling & Makeup 

You can arrange to have your hair and makeup professionally done or do it yourself! We do prefer that you leave your hair down to soften, you can re-style later in the shoot. 

Style of Photography 

We will select a combination of the following styles:

Portraits - Headshots, three quarter and full length.


Inspirational - What inspires you books, magazines, locations, sports etc

Behind the scenes -  Working on your desktop, laptop, diary, on the phone

Lifestyle shots - Laughing, smiling lots of personality (don't worry we will

bring out the best in you). Sitting at the coffee table, on the couch, drinking

a beverage and so more.

Tools of the trade - Give your clients some insight into where all the action happens at the office, in the      workshop, at the studio or gym or on the tools on site. 

Your choice - If you have a particular idea we love being creative  

Seasonal shots  Christmas, Easter, Summer or Winter choose an outfit, ornament or prop to suit .

Empower yourself and let your clients get to know you!


Be confident with your look and boost engagement! 

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